We will guide you and help you open a Portuguese bank account at one of the local banks near your property.

You will need the bank account to pay the utility bills by direct debit.
Portuguese banks offer a wide range of accounts and financial services including current and savings accounts, joint accounts, business accounts, online banking and other services.
Each bank has its own forms – usually between two or three that the prospective client must complete. Applicants will have to sign the following:

— A General Application Form (Identificação de Títulares e Ficha de Assinaturas);

— Client Details & Adherence to Products and Services (Dados de Cliente e Adesão a Productos e Serviços);

— Acceptance of General Conditions and Terms (Condições Gerais)
HOW TO OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT (in Portugal the following documentation is required from an EU citizen):
— Passport or Identity Card (Passaporte/Bilhete de Identidade);

— Tax Number and card (Número Fiscal de Contribuinte)
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